1.  Over 100 video lessons that DEEP DIVE into helping YOU find YOUR light bulb (finding the thing that makes you unique in the marketplace).  It's over FOUR HOURS WORTH of fast moving, content rich, video.    All the videos remain on the THINKIFIC SITE - and are available to you 24/7 - 365 (just sign in).  These videos will stay on the site as long as the course stays online (which we expect to be a very very long time).  It's like having Steve Trash as your own personal coach to... reveal, inspire, shine-a-light on, and walk you through the challenges you face in your show business career.

2.  Dozens of downloadable printable pdf worksheets that allow you to brainstorm, uncover actions plans, make your dreams and goals concrete,  and (most important of all) make the process of building a successful show business career simpler.   

3.  Downloadable 4"x6" printable VICTORY TABLE cards.   

4. Interactive Quizzes at the end of each chapter to reinforce you learning.


  • 1


    • Please READ this FIRST - a few housekeeping NOTES - to make this experience really really valuable for you and your career.

    • Welcome. Here's what we'll be cover together in this course to help YOU find YOUR light bulb. Lets do this!

    • Mr Electric - The BEST career advice I've EVER gotten and the best advice YOU'LL ever get too

    • The Mountain Called Show Business + The Hierarchy of Heroes + Self-Evaluation

    • Chapter 1 - Quiz - FINDING YOUR LIGHT BULB (multiple choice) Questions

    • Branding Description - PRINTABLE WORKSHEET



    • Strengths List - PRINTABLE WORKSHEET

    • Who is Your Audience - PRINTABLE WORKSHEET

    • What are OTHERS doing?

  • 2


    • The Four Unique Questions - Question #1 - WHAT are OTHERS doing? + Question #2 - WHO is your AUDIENCE?

    • The Four Unique Questions - Question #3 - What VENUES will you play?

    • The Four Unique Questions - Question #4 - WHO Are YOU?

    • WHO ARE YOU - The value of Stage Names + Branding Descriptions + David Blaine - Integration of Character

    • WHO ARE YOU - Integrity of Character (onstage and offstage) + Unification and Integrity of your Business

    • WHO ARE YOU - Offstage Integrity is Important Too + Delegate Stuff You're Bad At + Play To Your Strengths

    • WHO ARE YOU - Make a Strengths List + Core Competency + The Unique Four Come Together + Road Test Your Ideas

    • WHO ARE YOU - Road Testing = Really Listen To Your Audience + Be Brave Be Smart + Do Deep Dives into Making Yourself Better + Are You Original? You WILL Get Push-Back

    • WHO ARE YOU - Write a Mission Statement + What Are You Going to Contribute?

    • Chapter 2 - Quiz - THE FOUR UNIQUE QUESTIONS - (multiple choice) Questions

    • 20 Million Dollar Thought Experiment - PRINTABLE WORKSHEET

    • Build a Victory Table - PRINTABLE

    • Action Plan - PRINTABLE

    • Market Research - PRINTABLE


    • The Recipe - 4"x6" PRINTABLE CARD

  • 3


    • BUMPER STICKER - Steps to Show Business Success 1- 6 + STEP ONE - DREAM BIG + Wouldn't it Be Great If... QUESTION + What would you like to HAVE BE or DO? + Imagine Your PERFECT LIFE

    • DREAMS and GOALS are Similar But Different + Create Action Plans for EACH Goal + Work-Life Balance + Your Job is Not Your Life + FOUR GOAL AREAS - Personal Business Charity Fun/Adventure + HOW do I create Action Plans?

    • The KEY to a Powerful Dream is SERVICE + You Are Super Unique + Finding Your WHY + Avoid Choosing a WHAT without a WHY + Choose Joy - Choose Bliss + What Sets Your HAPPY METER Moving? + Choosing a COSMIC MAP

    • STEP ONE - Use the COSMIC MAP + Remember Your Life is NOT Your Career + STEP TWO - DO THE WORK + Build It And They Will Come is Total BS + You Can Always OUT WORK Others +

    • STEP TWO - What They REALLY Love is You + You Are The Magnet - The Audience is Steel + Bait The Hook To Suit The Fish - Market Research Questions +

    • STEP TWO - Be a LifeLong Learner + Find Your Passion and Do Deep Dives + Pay Attention to the Threads of Learning in Your Career

    • STEP TWO - Study and Grow As an Artist + Always Dig Deeper to Understand More About Your Field + We are Communicators - We are ALL Storytellers + Go See EVERY POSSIBLE Show You Can + Know What THE BEST OF THE BEST are Doing

    • STEP TWO - You Might Not Think You're a Writer, But You Are + Learning is a Part of Your Job + Always Deliver MORE Than Expected + Turn It Up to 11

    • STEP TWO - DO THE WORK - Stay open to the LITTLE LIBRARIAN and THE MUSE + Always Say YES to The Muse + Always Write or Record or Take Note of Partial Ideas - They Will Grow Into Amazing Things

    • STEP TWO - Staying In Show Business is Hard + Kaizen Makes it Easier + 1% to 2% Improvement Is Really Magical + Three Areas of Kaizen Improvement: Business Show Self +

    • STEP TWO - Three Categories of KAIZEN - Questions

    • STEP TWO - Work Hard, But Enjoy the Journey + Even if You Love Your Job, it Can Be Stressful + We Make Stuff and The Audience Judges it + High Intention. Low Attachment.

    • STEP THREE - MAKE ADJUSTMENTS - Stick to Your Guns, But Constantly Watch and Respond to Trends in the Marketplace + ALWAYS Listen to Experts and ALWAYS Listen to your Audience. NEVER Listen to NON-EXPERTS +

    • STEP FOUR - GET LUCKY + Lady Luck is a Fickle Punk + Bend Your Career in the Direction of Getting Lucky + Marry an Art Goddess + Was That Luck or Hard Work? + Smile and Accept the Good Luck

    • STEP FIVE - DON'T GIVE UP - Bow Your Neck Son + Your Job is to stay in the Batter's Box and HIT THE BALL + A Life in Show Biz is Filled with The Slings & Arrows of Outragious Fortune + There WILL BE bad days and Rough Patches - Don't Give Up

    • STEP FIVE - Build a VICTORY TABLE to Remind You of Your MANY Successes + Black Jack + Keep Your List of Successes Nearby and Refer to Them Often + PRINT OUT Victory Table PHOTOS + BE Billy Bad Butt

    • STEP FIVE - Don't Give Up When MR BIG SAYS NO + Don't Give Up When You Have Financial Setbacks + Take The PUNCH but Don't Give Up +

    • STEP FIVE - Don't Give Up when Facing ARTISTIC Challenges or PHYSICAL Challenges + Don't Give Up

    • STEP SIX - REPEAT STEPS ONE THROUGH SIX - Over and Over and Over and Over

    • Chapter 3 - Quiz - THE STEPS - (multiple choice) Questions

    • Do what you can, where you are, with what you have -- 4"x6" - PRINTABLE CARD


    • The Big Seven - 4"x6" - PRINTABLE CARD

    • Do what you can... - 4"X6" PRINTABLE CARD

    • Every Dream is Powered by the Energy Hidden Inside It - 4"x6" - PRINTABLE CARD

    • The Cosmic Map - 4"x6" PRINTABLE CARD

  • 4


    • SHOW BUSINESS IS REALLY WEIRD + Entertainers Job is Taking People Outside Their Difficult Lives + Remember the Word BUSINESS is Larger than the word SHOW + Don't Sell Hamburgers + What Are You An Idiot? + The Stack of Chips COMING IN

    • It's a MOUNTAIN for Everyone - Take 100% Responsibility for your Career and Your Life + Don't Give YOUR POWER Away + What Are You WILLING to do To Get UP The Mountain? + GRIT is perseverance + 20 Ton Boulders + 100% Responsible = Emotions Health Income

    • What If the Success You Want is NOT possible? + Do a Survey + Impossible Can Move to Possible + Model Others Like You + What Will You Do With the Hand You've Been Dealt? + The BIG 7 +

    • Chapter 4 - Quiz - SHOW BIZ IS WEIRD - (multiple choice) Questions

  • 5


    • Jack Gwynne + 1. Reuse Cereal Boxes + 2. Always Put Your Keys - Money - Phone - Hotel Key in One Place + 3. Do an Idiot Check

    • 4. Never Unpack Your Van + 5. Assume That 9 out of 10 New Things You Create are Gonna Be Total Crap + 5. Remember the rule of the Scissors and The Pencil + 7. Packing Big is Fast. Packing Small is Slow

    • 8. Have an Office Space + 9. You Don't Have to Be Famous to Make a Great Living in Show Business + 10. Open. Close. Jam Something In The Middle. 11. Always have a Plan B

    • 12. Put the Best Trick last and the Second Best Trick first. 13. Add new routines to the middle of your show. 14. Pack gear so it won't move in your van. 15. Reduce the Friction of Set-Up and Tear-Down

    • 16. Absolutely fantastic and Asolutely Horrible: Having an Agent is Both 17. Diversify Markets 18. Set aside cash for a Rainy Day fund. 19. Make and use preshow digital checklists.

    • 20. Steal good business ideas from Smart People. 21. Have a work schedule. Have a home schedule. 22. Write it all down and keep it - then look back at it later.

    • Chapter 5 - Quiz - PRACTICAL STUFF - (multiple choice) Questions

    • 23. Gaffers Tape is a gift from the Gods. 24. Hard-Sided suitcases make awesome road cases. 25. Do just one more.

    • Practical Reminders List - PRINTABLE

    • Always Deliver More Than Expected - 4"x6" - PRINTABLE CARD

    • Recipe for A Good Show - 4"x6" - PRINTABLE CARD

  • 6


    • The Magic Castle Story + You Must Work From Your OWN Playbook Not Theirs + Close the Gap Between What You Are and What You Could Be + Castle Redux (20 years later) + Take the Rejection and Let it Make You STRONGER

    • THANKS for Taking This Course + Don't Be One Of a million Be ONE IN A MILLION + Embrace the Joy of the Process + Be Ready. Work Hard. ENJOY IT. + Obstacles SUCK But Keep Moving Forward + Ask THE DEATH-BED Regret Question + Be BUSTER KEATON

    • Chapter 6 - Quiz - THE MAGIC CASTLE + BE ONE IN A MILLION - (multiple choice) Questions

  • 7


    • Vocabulary - PRINTABLE


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